There are multiple reasons why you might need to attach or remove the Noir cookware handles: get it ready for it's first use, prepare for oven or dishwasher use, replace them with another color handle, storage, etc.

Initially, the Noir removable handle comes detached from your cookware. 

To attach the handle:

  1.  hold the handle with the metal T-shaped tip facing up.
  2. Slide the handle up into the notch on the cookware and, while holding the handle in place, turn the back end of the handle to the right tighten it on.
  3. You will feel the handle tighten onto the cookware as you turn. Once it is tightened onto your cookware, lift to make sure it does no giggle or move. If you need to tighten it further, do so, but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the handle.

To remove the handle

  1. hold it in one hand and slowly turn the back end of the handle to the left to release it.
  2. You will feel the handle loosen and after a couple of turns it will be able to slide out of the notch on the cookware. 

Remember to ALWAYS remove the handle when you place your cookware in the oven or dishwasher.

Applicable to:

  • Zavor Noir 7pc Cookware Set (ZCWNR22)
  • Zavor Noir 8 & 10 Inch Skillet Set (ZCWNR23)
  • Zavor Noir 10 & 12 Inch Skillet Set (ZCWNR24)
  • Zavor Noir 8 Inch Skillet (ZCWNR25)
  • Zavor Noir 10 Inch Skillet (ZCWNR26)
  • Zavor Noir 12 Inch Skillet (ZCWNR27)
  • Zavor Noir 11 Inch Grill Pan (ZCWNR28)

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