The following instructions will show you the easiest way to program your Crunch Air Fryer Oven time and temperature without using any of the 8 preset cooking functions, all you need to know is the cooking time and temperature of your recipe:

  1. Make sure your Crunch Air Fryer Oven is on a stable surface and plugged in. Prepare your food according to your recipe and place it on the cooking trays
  2. Open the oven door, this may require a firm tug, and place the trays inside the Crunch. Securely close the door until you hear and feel it click into place
  3. Activate the panel by pressing the Start/Stop button on top; the panel will light up. If you have not removed the panel cling that comes on the unit when first unboxed, peel it off to unveil the touch controls below
  4. Press the “Temp” button to program the cooking temperature by turning the dial on top of the Crunch.
  5. When the desired temperature appears on the screen, press the “Time” button to program the cooking time by turning the dial on top of the Crunch
  6. When both the cooking time and cooking temperature have been set, press the “Start/Stop” button on top of the Crunch to begin cooking
  7. You’ll see the 4 running lights below the screen start cycling. The screen will alternate between the cooking temperature and the remaining cooking time
  8. After the cooking time is done, the Crunch will beep 3 times and the running lights will remain cycling. You can now open the door and remove the cooking trays using a kitchen towel or oven mitt


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