Pressure Cookers work adding pressure on top of the existing atmospheric pressure, and the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure is. The effect of this is that at high altitudes your pressure cooker will cook at a lower pressure than it would at sea level with the same pressure setting, creating the need to increase the cooking times to achieve the same results.

Follow the chart or graphic below to adjust the cooking times on your Versa Expre Pressure Cooker if you are at altitude (only applicable to Pressure Cooking, not to Pressure Canning):

Adjusted Cooking Time & Pressure by Altitude
AltitudeEffective Pressure LevelMultiply the Pressure Cooking Time by...

At Ground Level 0 ft.

15 PSI
No Need
3,000 ft.13.5 PSI1.05
4,000 ft.13 PSI1.1
5,000 ft.12.5 PSI1.15
6,000 ft.12.1 PSI1.2