Removing the handle:

Begin by removing the pressure valve and silicone gasket from the lid. Remove the 2 screws where the handle meets the lid with a screwdriver. Remove the dome nut from the underside of the lid using a nut driver. Remove the mini gasket from the safety valve on the underside of the lid. This will detach the handle from the lid. 

On the detached handle, remove the safety valve and the yellow pressure indicator. Flip the handle over onto your hand to release the 2 square nuts inside the handle. Remove the pressure valve housing and steam vent pipe. 

Replacing the handle:

Begin by placing the 2 square nuts into the two openings on the underside of the handle. Place the yellow indicator into the handle, slim side in. Hold the thicker end of the safety valve and insert it into the lid through the bottom, the grooved end should protrude through the lid. Place the mini gasket onto the groove of the safety valve to hold it in place. 

Place the lid onto the detached handle, making sure that all the components are sitting in their proper place. Place the 2 screws into the two openings on the lid where the handle meets the lid. Use a screwdriver to secure them into place. Flip the lid right-side-up and replace the pressure valve housing. Place the steam vent pipe into the pressure valve housing. Holding the steam vent pipe in place with your finger, flip the lid over. Place the dome nut onto the end of the steam vent pipe that protrudes through the lid to secure it in place; tighten with a nut driver. Place the gasket back on the lid. Turn the lid over and replace the pressure valve.

Applies to:

  • DUO Pressure Cooker models
  • ZPot Pressure Cooker models
  • Elite Pressure Cooker models
  • Versa Express Pressure Cooker models

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