This article shows the easiest way to program your LUX Edge multi-cooker using the Pressure Cook function. Follow the steps for any electric pressure cooker recipe, all you need to know is the pressure level required (HIGH or LOW) and the cooking time.

  1. Once all your recipe ingredients have been placed into the cooker according to the recipe, close and lock the lid
  2. Press the PRESSURE COOK button on the panel to select the pressure cooking function. The P icon will appear on the screen to confirm. Press the button once for HIGH pressure or twice for LOW pressure. The Indicator Lights will switch from High to Low to let you know which level you’re at
  3. Once you have your pressure level set, you can program your cooking time using the + and – buttons
  4. Make sure the knob on the lid is turned to the “Pressure” position
  5. With the pressure level and cooking time set, press the Start/Stop button to begin the preheating process. The Indicator Lights and the “P” icon will blink as the pressure is building
  6. Once the cooker is fully heated, the cooker will beep, the Indicator Lights and “P” icon will stay lit, and the cooking time will start counting down
  7. After the countdown ends, the cooker will automatically switch to the Keep Warm function for 12 hours. You can now release the pressure naturally by turning the cooker completely off or you can release the pressure quickly by turning the knob on the lid to the “Steam” position. Make sure to protect your hand with a kitchen towel so the hot steam doesn’t touch you
  8. Once all the steam is released, you can open the lid and enjoy your food

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