To properly remove the steam vent pipe and housing, start by unscrewing the nut on the underside of the lid. For this, we recommend using a nut driver. Once the nut is removed, the steam vent pipe can be removed from the top of the handle. The housing for the pressure valve can be removed once the steam vent pipe is removed.

To properly replace the steam vent pipe and housing, start by placing the housing back into the handle. You will see a marking on the housing that resembles a two-prong fork. This marking should face toward the handle when being put back into place. Once the housing is properly placed inside the handle, place the steam vent pipe into the housing. The steam vent pipe has a flat dent that securely fits into the housing base. Once the steam vent pipe is placed into the housing, turn the lid over while holding the steam vent pipe in place and screw the nut back on using the nut driver to properly tighten it.

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